Ulf Martz takes over ExCom’s newest portfolio

The Marina da Gama Association Executive Committee (MDGA ExCom) is pleased to introduce our newest member, Ulf Martz, who now heads up our newly created Infrastructure portfolio.

We created this portfolio to oversee the various pieces City of Cape Town (CoCT) infrastructure in the Marina. They include our potable water supply, electrical installations, sewerage and pump stations as well as bridges, roads and roadways, including road markings. Ulf’s remit will also cover forward-looking infrastructure initiatives and investments, such as the proposed SAPS police station in Vrygrond.

With over 30 years’ experience in civil engineering and an extensive CV of professional achievements, Ulf is certainly well qualified to serve Marina residents. Since graduating from UCT in 1989, he has worked in a succession of key roles across South Africa, Botswana, Malawi and Zambia. He is currently Technical Director of ILISO Consulting, which he joined in 2012. He lists his specialist areas as road pavements, geometric road designs and contract administration.

Assessing the challenges ahead in his new role, Ulf says: “Dealing with large organisations like the CoCT is tough. It may be run more efficiently than other municipalities, but its bureaucratic constraints hamper delivery.” So it’s encouraging to report that Ulf is well connected with the CoCT and has a good understanding of how to get results from its office-holders and decision-makers. Setting out his priorities, Ulf says: “Initially I plan to review the CoCT’s integrated development plans for our area and liaise with the City’s infrastructural line departments responsible for the Marina’s municipal services. Furthermore, we need to assess the current condition of our municipal services and, in partnership with the City, develop a maintenance and serviceability strategy.”

On a personal note, Ulf was born in Luderitz, Namibia, before moving to Cape Town when he was aged three. A Marina resident since 2016, he lives with his wife, Margo; their 17-year-old foster-daughter, Jasmyn; Milly and Zoe, their rescue dogs; and their cats, Mufasa and Emmy. “I enjoy the Marina’s scenic beauty and serenity,” he comments. “It makes you feel as if you’re on a permanent holiday.” During any spare time he gets, Ulf enjoys cycling and free-diving in the ocean.

Welcome to the team!

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