Below the surface on Fisherman’s Quay…

It has been marvelous to see the herons and coots return to the Zandvlei over the past few weeks. The lowered oxygen levels in the canals, while not ideal for the fish or crabs, have resulted in buffet feasts for the birds.

The birds are easy for us to spot, but what happens below the surface? Many thanks to Marina da Gama resident, Gordon Hiles, who took this wonderful underwater footage from his pier in Fisherman’s Quay.

Estuaries are extremely important when it comes to essential ecosystem services such as providing fish with nursery and breeding areas, flowing fresh water into the marine environment, and replenishing nutrients. The Zandvlei Estuary is rated among the top most important 25% of all the estuaries along the South African coast. It is also the only functioning estuary in the city of Cape Town.