Calling all twitchers: join us for the next CWAC

It was a rather cool and overcast day on 23 January in the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve (ZENR), with only a light wind. In other words: perfect conditions for the quarterly Co-ordinated Waterbird Count (CWAC), organised by Gavin Lawson and the Cape Bird Club. This is a national census for counting water birds, which takes place across most of the wetlands in South Africa. A small group of Marina residents and ZENR staff joined in the fun.

The Zandvlei is divided into two areas for the bird count, Upper and Lower, with the  Park Island bridge as the boundary.

Here is a breakdown of the findings:

Upper – Total number of birds 1121
Total number of species 29

Lower – Total number of birds 685
Total number of species 25

Bird nameUpperLower
Greater Crested Grebe3
White Breasted Cormorant14
Cape Cormorant27
Reed Cormorant5231
African Darter131
Grey Heron31
Little Egret379
African Sacred Ibis2117
Hadeda Ibis29
African Spoonbill4
Greater Flamingo2
Spurwinged Goose8
Egyptian Goose5060
Cape Shoveler4
Yellowbilled duck11016
Cape Teal84
Common Moorhen10
Red-knobbed Koot521248
Threebanded Plover2
Blacksmith Lapwing3726
Common Greenshank1
Pied Avocet169
Blackwinged Stilt5410
Water Thick-Knee3
Kelp Gull39146
Greyheaded Gull11
Hartlaubs Gull7956
Caspian Tern3
Common Tern1
Sandwich Tern7
Pied Kingfisher129
Malachite Kingfisher1
Cape Wagtail6
Mallard Hybrid115

Marina residents are welcomed and encouraged to help count birds at the quarterly CWAC count. Please contact Gavin Lawson on
Counters on foot and in canoes are welcome.