Meet your Uitsig Peninsula garden reps

Tina Roberts, her partner Carlo Bidoli and her family moved to Uitsig four years ago and they love living in the Marina. Tina retired at the age 55 years after 30 years of buying and selling property. Her passion is renovating property, which she still does. She turned her current home from The Wreck to her dream house – and visitors confirm that it truly is. Tina also volunteers for Chic Mamas in Wynberg, an upmarket second-hand clothing boutique that supports our neighbours in Vrygrond and surrounding areas with prior learning development.

Tina approached MDGA ExCom earlier this year with the idea of transforming the open
public space at the corner of Eastlake Drive and Baalen Close into a communal garden area with the help of nearby neighbours and the Marina Gardeners. The Marina Gardeners dug the area while Uitsig residents contributed plants, a boat and their labour to transform the area.

Due to its sheer size, UItsig has a second gardening representative: Koemi Rowe. She moved to Uitsig Peninsula in 2012 with her husband Matt, and son Jake.

Koemi and her business partner own Nordic Travel, an inbound southern Africa tour operator that offers tours to Norwegians. Koemi also has a passion for gardening and growing plants and has several on offer to local gardeners. Her garden is a real kaleidoscope of colours, textures and fragrances and offers a sublime retreat from the real world. She is a keen cook and baker and supported the Marina Cooking group with meals for Vrygrond last year.

The Marina Gardeners work every Tuesday in a different part of the Marina so, every third Tuesday, they will be in Uitsig Peninsula with Tina and Koemi.

If you have any plants you wish to donate, if you can help with watering flower beds, or wish to raise concern about one of the public open spaces in Uitsig Peninsula, please feel free to contact Tina on 082 377 8397 or Koemi on 076 768 9135 or email the Marina da Gama Association on

Please remember that verges are the resident’s responsibility.

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