ExCom portfolio reports and minutes (July 2021)


Bank Balances: as at 09/07/2021
Cheque A/c                              R      30 801.30
Archcom A/c                             R    330 566.66
Money Market A/c                     R    771 767.79
Total                                        R 1,133,135.75

Archcom meeting was held on 24 June 2021 attended by Gordon Hart and me.

Five new plans were submitted, and four plans were approved. One submission needed some clarification or minor changes before our consent will be given.

No objection to one departure was dealt with.


No upcoming events due to level 4 restrictions

Regular testing of the vlei shows that the E.coli levels are still elevated and the Zandvlei waterbody remains closed.

Next set of tests to be taken today, 8 July.

CWAC bird count is on the 17th July. All are welcome. Notice is on FB

Nick and Lise working on the resolutions tabled by Gordon Laing at the AGM

Valerie Benson resigned the position and Lise Carswell has taken it up in the interim.

A very productive meeting was held with the Garden Reps where discussions were had regarding protocol, gardening spend and council

Raincoats purchased for Staffa’s team

Cutting back a 1.5 meter firebreak/security break at Geneva Drive has started and approximately half of the work has been done. We had to break for the rain, but will get back to it once the weather improves

Work is underway in Baalen Close in Uitsig for a community garden. The Marina gardeners have helped dig up the bed and the residents have got together to source plants, water and compost. Residents will have a planting day on Saturday.

Flower beds in Canon Island, Park Island security hut and the bridge between Park Island and Eastlake have been upgraded and improved

Thank you to Cherry and Pam for donating the off cuts from the fig plants for use in Marina da Gama

There was some vandalism in Uitsig Park. The bin contents were strewn across the park and the well-point was switched on and left to run. Residents reported the problem and we were assisted by Errol and Sharon Gunn and given a lesson in how the well-point works. It is in good working order and Errol has offered to fix a small fault so that the system is ready for the summer months


13 new infringements in progress, none finalised


We are now emerging from the intensive workload associated with the AGM to re-focus on our core communication channels: the weekly newsletter, blog, Facebook page and website. The focus will be on updating the website to include our two new members, Tharwah and Nick, and originating fresh new content for the other channels. After a rather long delay, we need to discuss and vote on options for monetizing our channels. My first suggestion is to appoint 5 Star Stories to explore our options. Another project involves updating our welcome pack for new homeowners and tenants – as well as existing residents who still need guidance on the Marina’s regulations. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like us to write up any reports on your portfolio.


Herewith the DBS Crime stats as from 06/06/21 to 08/07/21

East LakeEastlake DrATT Theft out of MV06.06.202107h59Yes MuizenbergSuspect known to owner tried to break into their bakkie
Spearhead quayAt entrance on PGDAtt Robbery08.06.202120h07No1 x M, 2 x F with baby and Pram and 1 x boy tried to rob two pedestrians on PGD
UitsigRed RomanATT Car break in14.06.2102h35Yes MuizenbergCombat saw two guys on CCTV at canal. They caught one and handed him over to SAPS. Wiped the window on a car to see what is inside
UitsigPGD close to Uitsig EntranceRobbery19.06.2121h14Yes MuizenbergResident of Uitsig was walking back home and was robbed on PGD close to Uitsig Entrance by 1 x M
UitsigShearwater drATT Suicide21.06.2110h04Yes MuizenbergBoy 17 years old on house roof threatening to jump to commit suicide. DBS convinced him to come down and arranged that he sees Trauma Councillor at SAPS. Escorted him and the lady who took him to SAPS to see Trauma Councillor
UitsigMulletTheft27.06.2110h06NoResident notified that at some time the previous week they had things stolen from their garden. Only noticed today.
East LakeFootbridgeAssault27.06.2118h03NoResident saw a guy with flowers in Park Island near footbridge. Approached the guy about where he got the flowers, an argument broke out and resident was assaulted by the guy. Resident notified guard at entrance bridge at about 18h13. Suspect could not be found after residents and DBS searched the area.
Cannon IslandAdmiralsIntruder28.06.2103h30NoResident woken up by a loud sound in his yard, saw a M dressed in white shirt and black pants in his yard. Shouted at him and he disappeared. Was not seen entering or exiting by CCTV
Battle RidgeBattleridgeTheft of bicycle29.06.2114h21NoDriveway gate was forgotten open. Suspect walked in and stole a Kiddies bike. UPDATE – SUSPECT WAS NOTICED ON PGD ON SATURDAY EVENING, TOOK HIM TO HIS HOUSE IN CAPRICORN WHERE BICYCLE WAS RETRIEVED. BICYCLE HANDED BACK TO CLIENT.
UitsigCormorantAtt HB01.07.2121h26NoSuspect entered garage. Garage door was closed. Suspect jumped over wall and climbed through open window. Suspect ran away when resident screamed.
UitsigRed RomanATT HB02.07.2115h30NoSuspect jumped over wall from open field. Wall is in blindspot of camera. When resident shouted, suspect jumped out and fled. Suspect was chased by DBS till by Lavender Hill where traffic held them up and they lost sight of suspect. Nothing taken.