How ExCom is working to protect your safety

With safety and security top of everyone’s mind, we thought this would be a good time to update you on how we’re investing your levy payments and our resources into combatting crime.

– The latest stats show that Uitsig Peninsula suffers the most crime. With this in mind, we are currently putting new cameras on the North wall to monitor the road reserve. Installation will be finalised in the next week or two.

– Two new cameras will also be going up on the Geneva Drive road reserve to help protect the back of Battleridge. This is the last section of Marina da Gama without camera protection. We now feel confident that our suburb is fully covered from a security point of view.

– ExCom has already put up cameras on all entrances to Marina da Gama. These cameras incorporate licence plate recognition (LPR) technology, which sends Deep Blue immediate alerts when a flagged vehicle enters the Marina. A few months ago, we changed our LPR service provider and we are now contracted to Navic. This has seen an enormous increase in the alerts we receive and follow up on.

– Your ExCom has very regular meetings with the SAPS, Law Enforcement and Deep Blue to build strong relationships and to access up-to-date information about what is happening in our suburb as well as our neighbouring areas.

– The relationship between Deep Blue, Combat Force and Marina da Gama is very strong. We are in constant contact with them through a WhatsApp group. We rely heavily on our security service providers to keep us updated – and safe.

– The MDGA ExCom and the security clusters from each island meet regularly to discuss the various security measures taken in different sections of Marina da Gama and to share ideas and information.

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