Bee whisperer draws sting from Marina swarm

Security is important to all our residents and the MDGA has spent two years upgrading our security systems and adding more cameras. In addition, the MDGA gardening team has spent long hours clearing bush in the road reserve at the back of Battle Ridge to create a clear line of sight for the new cameras that we are putting in there.

Recently, however, a swarm of bees hampered efforts by the City of Cape Town (CoCT) to clear away the cuttings and chased away the security camera providers as they tried to work out the final camera position. One of the CoCT employees ended up in hospital with multiple bee stings. Enter Marina da Gama resident and beekeeper extraordinaire, Vincent Bristow.

On our walkthrough of the area, Vincent spotted the bees and went in for a closer inspection. It turns out that a large colony of bees had an underground hive in an old steel drum. It took a full day to get the bees into their new hive and they have now been relocated to their new home in Lakeside.

Image credits Vincent Bristow and John Donaldson.