City sets out the rules governing firework sales

Within the City of Cape Town, Fireworks are regulated by the Explosive Act, Act 26 0f 1956 and the By-law Relating to Community Fire Safety as amended.

Fireworks is prohibited from been be sold or stored in any House shop, Spaza Shop, Hawkers, roadside or Open-Air sellers.

Only a licensed shop that has a Fireworks Licence issued by the Chief of Inspector of the Department of Explosives within the SAP, and the City of Cape Town Fire & Rescue Services, may sell fireworks.

Selling Of Fireworks from a Licence Premise

Fireworks may only be sold in sealed packages, as received from the suppliers.
Fireworks must be displayed for sale in a lock-up glass display cabinet and a 4,5kg Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher must be provided and installed.
Children under the age of 16 are not allowed by law to purchase and/or discharge fireworks without adult supervision.
Residents are reminded that discharging shop bought fireworks in the residential area is prohibited.
Fireworks may only be discharged on the 5th November at designated Sites approved by the Municipality.

A fine of R1500.00 may be imposed for each provision transgressed.

For any emergency with the use of Fireworks, contact the 107 Emergency Control Centre, by dialling 107 from a Land Line and 021 480 7700 from a Cell phone.

The City will not be held liable for any claims for injury or damage that may occur from the use of fireworks.

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