Minutes and portfolio reports (Sep 2021)


1) Welcome and apologies – Welcome to Graham Barratt – taking on the Standards Portfolio to submit short Bio and photo to publish for members
a) Present – Patrick Mc Kenna, Paul Higgins, Richard Midgley, Lise Carswell, Nick Bode, Graham Barratt and Tharwah Davids
b) Apologies – Peter Allen still recovering
2) Unanimous Approval of Minutes of 10th August

3) Portfolio reports
3.1 Treasurer Bank Balances
3.2 Communications
3.3 Waterways
3.4 Events
3.5 Archcom
3.6 Standards
3.7 Environmental
3.8 Parks and Gardens
3.9 Security
3.10 Long-term projects
3.11 General

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MDGA Exco Minutes 14 th September 2021 17 September 2021 Matters Arising
A) Resident Communications – Extensive resident communication regarding outstanding Subscription payments. Exco is determined to clear long outstanding’s – over R1350 (prior years and 2020 and 2021) and to this end whilst being a caring body – it is unfair for other residents having to subsidise non-paying residents, and thus we are actively targeting these delinquents. We have in last month made useful progress and anticipate further significant resolutions in September.
B) Waterways still closed – and we are awaiting further results. Nick raised a few issues. Residents are again advised that the first 2 m of waterways is their responsibility to clear. With very high nutritional load in the water, we are expecting a high volume of Ulva intestinalis – a type of stringy algae – so the clearing is even more important. The City has massively improved their sewerage leak detection and there are currently no leaks BUT waterways are still closed for all activities. – Pond Weed needs clear water and oxygen to flourish – so not ideal conditions for it.
Nick has many suggestions to assist with the maintaining of the waterways – regarding aerators and or pumps to oxygenate waterways and improve circulation, and is to present a rough costed proposal to Exco, for Exco to evaluate and determine – whether it is feasible for MDGA to fund possibly through Special Resolution, or via private donors or crowd funding donations. Any specialised residents willing to assist with solutions please contact MDGA Office to offer assistance.
C) Communications – Patrick is going to do an evaluation on the revenue stream as well as content generation and submit proposals
D) Budgets – RM will be providing Exco with revised budgets – – Tharwah, Janet and Richard will be meeting Auditor early next week – to get advice on – Cash flow model, when depreciation of cameras should be charged to P&L vs Ringfence in Balance Sheet, and better understanding on Bad Debt and revenue.
E) Security – Cameras are installed – but a high point signal communication problem should be resolved in the next week
F) The Marina Da Gama Association Christmas Carols – Lise authorised to employ capable person to handle The Marina Da Gama Association Father Christmas and Kiddies Christmas Party. Both these events are recognised Marina Da Gama Association events and planning is starting now for these 2 annual events. Suggestions and volunteers are welcome.

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MDGA Exco Minutes 14 th September 2021 17 September 2021
G) July Profit and Loss and budget to be published on web page
H) Minutes, Financials (August) and Agenda for September to be published on web page
General – concept of Island Based “food festival” will be explored by Nick – each island having different theme – utilising Public Open Spaces for residents to gather and move on foot from island to island. Possible food truck concept – Nick to advise Exco of what he would require to realise.
Patrick and Tharwah – to look into “music in the park” on Eastlake Island Drive public open space – as a kick off to lockdown relaxation.
Graham mentioned in the earlier years – around 2006/ and onwards – a regular get together in the Eastlake shopping centre – with big half drum fires and fancy dressing – to create cohesive Marina spirit – suggestions welcome.

Meeting finished at 19h08

  1. Date of next meeting – 12 th October 2021 at 18h00

PORTFOLIO REPORTS – 14 September 2021

Treasurer – bank balances: 1

Security: 1

Communications: 1

Parks and Maintenance: 1-2

Archcom: 2

Standards: 2

Treasurer, Compliance & Legal: 2

Waterways: 2


Bank Balances: as at 10/09/2021

Cheque A/c: R59,275.54

Archcom A/c: R331,859.40

Money Market A/c:R775,968.53

Total: R1,167,103.47

Monthly Crime Stats

UitsigOudevlei RdMDTP14.08.2122h00Friends slashed car tyres after visiting
UitsigShearwaterATT HB26.08.21During the daySomeone tried to force open windows in front and
at back


We have completed the website refresh but still need to include Graham Barrett’s profile.

Looking ahead, we will ramp up our efforts to sell more advertising with Janine Avery’s support.

Meanwhile, we continue refine our production and publishing processes.


Large load of compost purchased at a discount and transported by Peter Alen. This is use across the Marina open spaces where our garden reps ad gardeners are doing maintenance and creating new garden beds.


Archcom meeting was held on 09 September 2021 attended by Gordon Hart and me.

Five new plans were submitted, and four plans were approved. One submission needed some clarification or minor changes before our consent will be given. One sketch plan was approved.

No objection to one departure was dealt with.


Resolved incidents – 5

New infringements 10

Edit – 1

Treasurer, Compliance and Legal – THARWAH DAVIDS

– consideration of the financials

– meeting with Janet regarding the income accounts

– will be meeting with auditors to discuss the preparation of the cash flow statement etc during September.


Waterways  Portfolio Report

Sadly we are now at over 100 days and the water quality has improved but not enough to open the vlei for recreational use. It’s still early summer and already numerous reports and complaints are coming in regarding the algae growth. We will be seeing more growth of pondweed/ algae this summer season due to the extremely high nutrients that have come with all the sewage spills.

Please do your part and remember you are personally responsible to clear and remove the weed and algae for the first 2m of your property.

Pampering Park Island for the summer

A lot has been happening in the parks and gardens of Marina da Gama. On Park Island, the team has been working hard! Your Park Island garden representative, Silvia Stringer, received a bakkie load of mulch on Tuesday and spent an entire day mulching the flower beds. They look awesome and are now ready for the summer sunshine. Silvia might need a massage following all that heavy lifting!

Our pleas to Eugene Rayners, Parks and Recreation for the City of Cape Town (CoCT), were heard and you will see the brand new and improved seesaw in the kids play park. Thanks very much to Eugene!

Kondwani from the gardening team spent the day pressure hosing a long neglected public wall in Park Island. Residents rallied to assist and painting will continue on Sunday.

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Diana’s generosity takes the edge off winter

Let’s hear it for Battle Ridge resident, Diana van der Westhuizen, whose selfless generosity is helping to take the edge of the winter freeze for youngsters as far afield as Vrygrond and Lavender Hill.


Diana, who turns 79 years young next January, spent many decades working in education, particularly maths. For more than 40 years, she worked at, then owned the Master Maths tuition centre in Tokai.

A Marina resident since 1989, Diana still has a part-time job and also devotes significant time and effort to creating these intricate and beautifully knitted jerseys. A big thanks to Diana for her selfless dedication to such a good cause.


And a big thanks, also, to another Marina resident, Sharon McCallum, for tipping us off about this heart-warming story. “The little girl in the red jumper was celebrating her birthday without any presents,” Sharon told us. “So when she and her group received their jerseys, there was great excitement. Diana is amazing!”


SA’s top canoeing talent heads for the Marina

Marina residents can look forward to an exciting three days of sport as the Peninsula Canoe Club, in association with the Western Cape Canoe Union and Canoeing South Africa, hosts the 2021 SA Canoe Marathon Championships on Zandvlei and the Marina da Gama canals. This highly prestigious event includes a number of top canoeists from the Marina, who we’re proud to introduce below.

First, we’re grateful to Thibault Walk resident and 2021 championship contender, Rob MacLean, for providing the full details of the programme, as follows:

The championships take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All events will start with paddlers facing north towards the back of Table Mountain and from a line between buoys in front of Zandvlei Sports Club, where the Peninsula Canoe Club and Imperial Yacht Club are based.

Paddlers will race up the vlei turning right at four red buoys before heading north of Little Australia Island to the gap between Park Island and Wildwood Island, where the bird hide is located. Once through the gap, paddlers will turn right (south) onto the north-south canal between Park Island and Park Island residential, known as Park Island East.

They will proceed under the bridge onto Park Island and onto the water known as Tumbler’s Tack North between Park Island and Eastlake Island before turning right (west) back into Zandvlei.

Back in the vlei, they will turn left (south) and paddle down into The Serpentine, where they will turn right around the three red buoys moored there.

They will then paddle back onto the vlei heading north towards the clubhouse. Shortly before reaching the clubhouse, they will take-out on a wooden jetty moored on the vlei shore and portage approximately 60m to a second wooden jetty that is within the club premises. Here, they will put-in and proceed on with their event. This constitutes one full lap. The various age groups race different numbers of laps.

Friday’s programme
• K1 = a single-seater canoe.
• K2 = a double-seater canoe
09h30 K1 U23 Men.
09h35 K1 U23 Women
12h00 K1 Junior Boys and Girls, U18 U16 U14
14h30 K1 Men’s short course
15h00 K1 Women’s short course

Saturday’s programme
08h15 K1 Masters’ categories, Men and Women
10h00 K1 Junior Boys and Girls, U12, U10 U8
11h00 K2 Juniors Boys U18, U16 U14
14h15 K1 Senior Men and Women

Sunday’s programme
08h15 K2 Masters’ categories, Men and Women
10h45 K2 Senior Men and Women

From the results of these championships, a Canoeing South Africa marathon team will be selected to travel to Romania later this year to represent the country – pandemic permitting.

Meet the Marina contenders

It’s great to report that Marina da Gama will be represented by four canoeists during this year’s SA Canoe Marathon Championships. They are Mike Halliday, who lives in Park Island Walk, Graeme and Hannah Solomon, from Capstan Close, and Rob, a Thibault Walk resident.

Mike Halliday

They will be competing in the following categories: Mike – Masters (70 years plus); Rob – Masters (65-69 years), Graeme – Masters (40-44 years); and Hannah – Guppy class.

Graeme Solomon

Graeme is one of South Africa’s most iconic canoeists, having represented the country over a period of around 16 years in sprints and marathons in the open Senior classes as well as in the Masters’ classes. Mike and Rob have both represented the country in the Masters’ classes.

Rob MacLean

Hannah is only in her first year of competitive paddling. But with the combined credentials of her dad, Graeme, and mum Megan Kelly – who has also represented SA in the Masters’ category – she undoubtedly comes from an outstanding gene pool.

Hannah and Graeme Solomon

As Rob says: “Please support all the paddlers during their events.”