Portfolio Reports November 2023

EVENTS – Valerie Benson

Marina Children’s Christmas Party –Saturday 16 December 2023 at 1:15pm

  • Have provisionally booked Father Christmas (David Muller) pending costs
  • Have asked Boudje Giljam to put up his stakes in the vlei for Father Christmas’ pedalo to anchor on
  • Parents to drop off their children’s presents at the MDGA office week of 11th to 14th December 2023 (15th December 2023 is a public holiday)

Marina Christmas Carols – proposed date Sunday 17 December 2023

  • Band has been practising and will be ready to perform on the 17th December 2023
  • Confirmed Don Crawford from Eastlake Island as the piper for the Marina Carols. He has played at them before. 
  • Status of MDGA music equipment, speakers etc being checked with band leader today 20.11.2023
  • Have asked Boudje Giljam to put up his stakes in the vlei for the boats to anchor on
  • Have asked Peter Cawood to put up the lights at the bridge as usual and checked that there will be power provided by 4 Rusten Close
  • Edie lights info has gone out with the Carols info in the last Marina newsletter
  • MDGA Gardeners will prep and clean both of the above areas the Tuesday before.
  • Will send through expenses through treasurer, vice char and chair for approval, i.e. sweet bags for Marina children, Father Chrismas’ fees, magician fees and Three Kings and band refreshments

PARKS AND GARDENS – Valerie Benson

  • POS have finally been mowed after weeks of requesting council to cut the lawns
  • Council has not been collecting the garden refuse generated by the MDGA Gardeners every Tuesday regularly despite repeated reminders from Robbie and I. Eugene advised that his key staff member who organised this was not available for a few weeks. I am therefore investigating what it would cost to have a private contractor do this twice a month should council’s service not improve. The private contractor would only be used in the case of council not doing the collections regularly.

Uitsig Peninsula

  • Along with help from two local residents, Koemi Rowe is slowly repairing and extending the existing sprinkler system to get it to cover more of Uitsig Park which is great news. For several years now, only one third of the park had working sprinklers. The area from Uitsig Road to the section on the park where the swings are is now covered. Any further isn’t possible as the pump pressure isn’t great enough. The part of the park from the water to the swings used to be watered from council mains but that stopped with the drought. Will chat to council to see if this can be reactivated.
  • The MDGA Gardeners tidied up and cut back trees at the end of Oudevlei Road
  • Koemi has a key for the pump electrical box that drives the sprinklers. She will leave second key with me just as a backup. Someone is switching off the sprinklers just after she puts them on so she has locked the box now.

Park Island

  • MDGA Gardeners concentrated on tidying up, especially at the entrance, de Lille Square and the POS along Eastlake Drive, weeding and cutting back the encroaching reeds, collecting litter etc. 8 bags of donated vygies from PI reserve were planted on the corner of PI Way and T’Wagen behind the boat. Cherry has arranged for a local resident to water there and another lady, the gardens at the entrance by the guard hut.
  • Gardeners collected branches/cuttings/ palm fronds from the mowed areas and stacked at the Michele pump house and at the corner of Michele and T’Wagen for collection. They also cut back the reeds in front of the benches overlooking the waterway at the Thibault Park. On the way back, they tidied up/swept the street under the ficus tree where the paths go up to the pedestrian bridge.

Cannon Island and Eastlake Island

  • All garden refuse finally collected by council on CI and Eastlake Island after several weeks
  • MDGA Gardeners are due to work in this area tomorrow 21.11.2023

Koemi, Andie and Cherry will be providing Staffa and his team with an informal Christmas lunch on their last Tuesday in December, i.e. 12th December 2023, from their own funds. They don’t want the MDGA to fund this lunch as it is something they want to do personally to thank the MDGA Gardeners.


1.Crime and security

       Saps Sector 3

NO ISSUE(S) FOR DISCUSSION ISSUE(S) MENTIONED BY ISSUE(S) DISCUSSED RESPONSIBLE PERSON 6.11 (Sept) Pamphlets   Captain Knapp will send pamphlets (importance of reporting crime) to CPF for assistance with distributing them. Capt Knapp 8.3 (Sept) Street children/ day strollers   Hodsons mentioned that a variety of vehicles are being used to drop the youngsters off, not only the light blue bakkie mentioned previously   8.6 (Sept) Festive Season Planning   Festive season operational planning will be held on the 26 October 2023 directly after the Joint Operation meeting. Local security companies, Law Enforcement, representatives from the CPF and traffic were invited to attend. Col Lourens 8.3 Municipal Electricity Depot adjacent to Harcourts HG There is still a lot of activity in the grounds of the electricity depot which is accessed via a broken gate leading on to Harcourts property. Col Lourens has visited the site in the early mornings on a number of occasions. Heide Goodman approached Harcourts and logged C3’s for cleansing and for illegal occupation – both were “closed” by the system despite nothing having been done. PI Mkwazi says he has not been informed of the situation via the C3 reporting system and is therefore unaware of the issue. Cllr Kuhl is requested to take control of the situation Cllr Kuhl
 7. NEW MATTERS7.1 SAPS Report: Crime Overview (Trends and Arrests) 7.2 Report from Law Enforcement
7.1SAPS ReportLt Col Lourens7.1.1 Spike in property related crime, particularly in the MID area of Sector 3 wher multiple incidents of house and business robberies and theft of and out of motor vehicles have been reported. Muizenberg Community Watch is in the final stages of reorganising itself and will commence patrolling in early November. All security companies working in the MID/ME areas will be asked to report their opinions as to why property related crimes are occurring in the area. The CIB will be holding operations on the Muizenberg beachfront (Striped Horse to small circle) 7.1.2 Vrygrond and Hillview are still experiencing gang related criminality 7.1.3 The mobile station is deployed 5 days a week 7.1.4 Criminal gangs are targeting visitors to the area. In order to alert business owners to such activities, it is imperative to reactivate business forums in the affected areas (Kalk Bay and Muizenberg). The MID has such a forum and will add SAPS to the WhatsApp alert group.  Gail Daniels will set one up for Kalk Bay. The two groups need to be in contact 7.1.6 Festive Season WhatsApp group is o be established for the 2023/2024 season     
7.2LE 7.2.1 The current complement of officers is 12. This will increase during the festive season 7.2.2 The festive season operational plan is being finalised. The VOC will be run from the Muizenberg Civic Center 7.2.3 Suggest that all role players put pressure on Cllr Kuhl to be accountable for the presence of the people living in Muizenberg Park. Much of the crime in the area stems from this area 
8.1Neighbourhood WatchesVarious8.1.1 Lakeside Community Watch: CPF will do an intervention as the watch has problems 8.1.2 Bay Watch: the harassment order hearing will resume on 21 November in Muizenberg Court 8.1.3 Marine Estate: held a well-attended AGM 8.1.4 The DB/MCW WhatsApp group was deletedCPF/SAPS CPF DM 
8.2CSCVarious8.2.1 Francois Niemand reported that security officers were having difficulties in getting cases open at the CSC 8.2.2 Brenda Goldswain suggested that Mr James Booi be investigated as he appears to be interfering with policing matters whilst on duty at the CSC  
8.3IEC Dry Run This is scheduled for Sunday 29th, with registration of voters occurring on the 18 and 19 October  
 OperationsSAPS1) With 5 November falling on the weekend, a high alert will be in place over the entire weekend and will focus on the sale and letting off of fireworks and the customary antisocial behaviour associated with Guy Fawkwes celebrations. NWs in the affected areas will be engaged in this operation 2) Rugby World Cup final game: 28 October. There will be additional deployment in the perceived problematic areas  
 People living on the streetsSAPSThe number of people living on the streets/mountainside of Muizenberg is increasing rapidly as the festive season approaches. Cllr Kuhl is requested to be present at the next meeting to outline what steps are being taken to a) prevent the numbers increasing and b) to remove people who are permanently camped in Muizenberg ParkCllr Kuhl 
6. ADJOURNMENTMeeting adjourned at 11:00 

Note that the MID area of our sector remains the most crime infected. Whilst no murders were reported for this period, other crimes are increasing.

Note also the complaints on the negative attitude of reception staff to accepting crime cases and reports. We will monitor the promises of a marked improvement.

Good news is the successful re-establishment of the Muizenberg Community Watch and the Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch.

Lakeside security  group is still non-functional.

                –Marina Da Gama Crime

Of great concern is two vehicle thefts during October, bringing to three the MV thefts under our watch. This is more than was recorded in total in the two years when we operated the Marina Guardians. MV theft now becomes our key priority.

Cannon IslandCannon Island WayTheft of M/V11.10.2315h00Yes MuizenbergTheft of M/V happened on 10.10.23 at 21h52. Owner only missed vehicle on the 11th
Battle RidgeBattle RidgeTheft Common23.10.2304h25Yes MuizenbergBicycle stolen out of open garage. 
UitsigCoot DrAtt HB24.10.23UnknownNoReceived report on 24.10.23 about two persons that was in yard about 2 weeks ago. No forced entry, nothing stolen
East Lake IslandEast Lake Island WayHBTUnknownUnknown Garage broken into whilst they were in Germany. Tools, bicycle and gas bottle stolen.
East LakeEast Lake DrTheft of M/V30.10.2320h12Yes MuizenbergVehicle was parked in road infront of house.

Perimeter  Cameras.

83 triggers received. 18 followed up, and 2 escorted from the Marina

MDGA subsidisation of the security precints.

The issue of MDGA subsidising the safety costs – or portion thereof –  of certain precints and not of others is clearly not sustainable. I have come to the conclusion that all precints should be subsidised according to a formula and a procedure to be established by the Excom. At least three of the precints are currently struggling to fund their existing security assets. I would recommend an overall figure of R200000.00 PA– approximately R150.00 per household.

This amount to be allocated by number of households as a proportion of 1300 for each precint but retained by MDGA. Once the Marina Guardians are re-established, they can be approached by precints with request for avaiable subsidy which in turn will depend on a number of conditions including the existence of a well-functioning safety committee; at least 50% of residents contributing money or sweat equity to safety undertakings, the purpose of the subsidy, etc.  If approved by the MG, it will be submitted to the excom for decision. Allocations not used by precints will accrue in their account.

If agreed, the contribution to repairing the North wall would be the first subsidy.

From the date of implementation, all moneys paid out as safety subsidies (ie cameras on the north wall and in Battleridge) would be debited to the precints` allocations.

4.Re-integrating the safety operations in the Marina.

Traditionally, the precints were Battleridge; Fishermans Quay; Cannon Island; Eastlake Island; Park Island and Uitsig. The gated lanes and precints prefer to manage their own safety operations. The essential principle in guarding is the autonomy of the precints. The Marina Guardians is therefore an open and voluntary operation where all those involved in precint safety can meet to share experiences; suggest new developments, and where stronger precints can assist weaker ones to more efficient levels of operations. The proposed subsidy would strongly incentivise better precint safety operations.

I am currently gathering names of volunteers and researching existing structures in Uitsig. Any help would be appreciated.

5.Rationalising camera management and all Safety costs

I have asked Jonathan to assist me assess the breakdown of safety costs for the last two years. I understand that he has new and most important responsibilities, but I do need his help here.

WATERWAYS – Ralph Richards

Zandvlei Mouth – Open 24th Oct, Closed 31st Oct, Open 17th Nov, Closed 28th Nov, Open 7th Dec, Closed 15th Dec.

Progress of New Weed Harvester – Delivery set for 30th November. Training first week in December, thereafter, commissioning and adjustments. I predict full operation around the end of January 2024

Kingfisher 0peration – Sighted in Cannon beat 26th October and Cannon Beat and Cannon Cove 31st October.

Dredging – Starts 24th January 2024

Nets and Grids in Sand River – 13 bags of litter collected 3rd Nov, 4 bags 13th Nov, 2 bags 15th Nov

Water Quality

e-coliNo results received from CoCT
Chlor0phyll (algae)

Boat Patrols by Reserve ManagemenDone weekly – Nothing untoward in October/November

Cleaning of Coral Worm – Some cleaning planned under bridges 21st to 28th November

Sewage Spills – Vrygrond road, 30th Oct – no effect on the Marina.

Liaison with Stakeholders

  1. Boudje and Cherry Giljam 20th October
    1. Discussion to meet and liaise with Stakeholders.
    1. A concern was raised as about the lack of public interaction and input in the specification of the construction of wetland upstream from the of Sand River mouth.
    1. Recommended that this be noted in the public comments of the ZEMP.
  • Aneeqah Rejaldien and Warrick Du Toit (CoCT) 2nd November.
    • Met with two employees of the CoCT responsible for cleaning the litter nets at the mouth of the Sand River.
    • Discuss my role as the Waterways representative of the Marina da Gama Association and to come to an agreement of co0peration with respect to the litter nets at the mouth of the Sand River.
    • Informed them that one of the actions of the waterways representative is to inform the residents of Marina da Gama as to the state and condition of the waterways.
    • The amount of litter in Zandvlei, the opening and closing of the mouth, sewage spills and water quality are but some of these actions.
    • The outcome of these actions are measured (if possible) and communicated to residents via a fortnightly newsletter, posting on the MDG Waterways WhatsApp group and reporting back to the Marina da Gama Executive committee.
    • They offered to send photographs of the amount of litter collected at the Coniston Road grids and litter nets at the mouth of the Sand River (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).
    • This will help in gauging the litter pollution loading that has been lessened and reduced into Zandvlei and can then be communicated to the Marina da Gama residents.
    • The work that is performed by the City to mitigate pollution loading will also be communicated and highlighted through this. 
    • They were thanked for the meeting and their cooperation in helping to keep the Zandvlei and Marin da Gama waterways in an environmentally acceptable condition.
    • The website needs to be rebuilt. I can’t currently change any pages or upload any more documents because the website isn’t supported anymore and uses outdated technology.
    • Numerous quotes have been requested, one has been forthcoming so far.
    • All the old newsletter documents on the website have been saved to the cloud and the rest of the documents will follow. This is to free up space on the current website.
    • Newsletters have been sent out on time.
    • Facebook has been changed to information only. Comments have been turned off.
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Lise Carswell
  • The website needs to be rebuilt. I can’t currently change any pages or upload any more documents because the website isn’t supported anymore and uses outdated technology.
  • 3 quotes have been received and will be discussed in the Excom meeting.
  • All the old newsletter documents on the website have been saved to the cloud and the rest of the documents will follow. This is to free up space on the current website.
  • Newsletters have been sent out on time.
  • Facebook has been changed to information only. Comments have been turned off
  • I have been interacting with Songezo regarding the Bob Cat to clean the bottom of the canals as last attended to in 2016
  • Songezo and I will be meeting to iron out a plan of action as this will entail removal of the nets at the end of Mullet Close . I’ll have to liase with Mike Ryder  as he installed the nets

Portfolio reports October 2023

Archcom – Paul Higgins

Archcom meeting was held on 10 Oct 2023, attended by Gordon Hart, Lise Carswell, Ulf Martz and me.
Two new plans were submitted, and both were approved.
Two Standards issues were commented on for Robbie / Connor.

Waterways – Ralph Richards

Zandvlei MouthClosed 17th October, Open 24th, Closed 31st
Progress of new weed harvesterCommissioning early December
Kingfisher 0peration3 sightings 4th and 5th Oct
DredgingStarts January 24th
Nets at Sand River mouthCleaned every second day – Nothing to report for October
Water qualityParameterDateValueLimit
e-coli19th Sep26 MPN/100ml< 1000 MPN/100ml
Chlorophyll (algae)5th Oct99 µg/l< 100 µg/l
Boat patrols by reserveDone weekly – Nothing untoward in October
Cleaning of coral wormManual clean 10th Oct under Park Island bridge
Sewage SpillEmanating from Pollsmoor, entering the Westlake River and then into Zandvlei – 9th Oct. CoCT team at the location and reducing further pollution. Reported by Cllr Carolynne Franklin
ZEMPAttended draft report presented 11th October
Water depthNo information from ZENR Management. Will follow up
Liaison with StakeholdersUrban Liveable Waterways Presentation21st SepTo get a better understanding of the project and how it will affect Marina da Gama.Show support for the initiative.Make further contacts
Reserve Manager6th OctMake contact with Kyran Wright and discuss the waterways portfolio. Some extra contacts were provided. Information such as opening and closing of the mouth, dredging dates, commissioning of new Harvester and cleaning of coral worm was provided. Requested to contact him on a regular basis for information on the Pop-up and monthly report.
Draft proposal of the ZEMP11th OctTo get a better understanding of the project and how it will affect Marina da Gama.Show support for the initiative.Make further contacts.A summary and my interpretation of the ZEMP is in the pipeline.

Communications – Lise Carswell

  • The website is falling apart and it isn’t possible to update certain pages which are showing outdated information.
  • Proposal to the Excom to close down the facebook page or at least make it only for Excom to post.
  • Newsletters sent out on schedule.

Conservation and engagement – Caitlin Melidonis

Past Month’s Activities

  • Full moon walk took place on Park Island on 31 September with six residents in attendance. Four grysbok were sighted along with a barn owl, night herons, bats, chameleons and many spiders!
  • Attended the presentation of the Estuary Management Plan for Zandvlei – Marina residents are still able to comment on the document online and have been encouraged to do so in the latest MDGA newsletter.

Issue/s requiring attention

  • Drafting and circulation of information sheet about injured wild animals (who to call, what to do etc.)

Additional dates for a second full moon walk and bird walk before the end of the year to be discussed with Nature Reserve Staff

Events – Valerie Benson

Marina Children’s Christmas Party – proposed date Saturday 16 December 2023
Have provisionally booked Father Christmas (David Muller) pending costs 
Need to check status of MDGA music equipment, speakers etc 

Marina Christmas Carols – proposed date Sunday 17 December 2023
Have contacted Mike English and original Carols band and advised proposed Carols date which they are happy with. 
Confirmed Don from Eastlake Island as the piper for the Marina Carols. He has played at them before. 

Marina Halloween Walk – Sunday 29 October 2023 from 4pm to 6pm
18 houses all through the Marina will be handing out sweets for the Marina Halloween Walk.
Every child is to be accompanied by an adult on the walk at all times
Those residents wishing to participate in the walk can obtain a map from me in exchange for a bag of sweets which will go to Where Rainbows Meet in Vrygrond. I will be handing out maps at Eastlake Island shopping center on Sunday 29 October 2023 between 3pm and 4pm.

COUNCIL – Demetri Qually

At its October meeting, Subcouncil 19 has supported the proposal to reserve a portion of land to the east of Capricorn Park for use as a Temporary Relocation Area (TRA). This is in order to be able to relocate the people who illegally invaded Nature Reserve land and thus restore its conservation status.

The report can be viewed here


Municipal Infrastructure – Ulf Martz

  1. Past Month’s Activities

The last month’s activities revolved around liaison with the City of Cape Town officials regarding the re-instatement of the collapsed wall, the planning of alternative access routes to ZENR, Meeting with The New World Foundation director, and inquiry into the CoCT fence installed at its pump station on PGD.

  • Collapsed Boundary Wall

Sections of the northern boundary wall had collapsed after a storm. The matter had been addressed and communicated to the City of Cape Town officials, and with the assistance of Valerie Benson, the City of Cape Town (CoCT) implemented temporary fencing to close off the area due to security concerns. However, the temporary fence was removed leaving an open passageway through the wall, which poses a security risk.

Further communication between the MDGA and City officials and councillors ensued.

Whilst the onus of reinstating the section of boundary wall falls on the property owner, in this case the CoCT, they appear to be reluctant to build a new wall.

The whole section of the wall also poses a safety risk as parts of it will fall. It is recommended that the existing wall be demolished and rebuilt to structurally sound standards. This will need to be done by the City of Cape Town, as the wall is on their property and poses an Occupational Health and Safety risk to the public.

The wall was poorly constructed (or repaired) in the first place, with no evidence of structurally sound best practices, and the wall has rotated off the vertical, which could be a result of poor workmanship, or that no adequate foundations have been provided. Additional signs of structural failure are evident.

Recommendations would be for the City of Cape Town to take ownership and repair the wall to structurally sound standards.

Whilst the boundary wall does not rest with the Infrastructure Portfolio, it is recommended that the MDGA through its collaborative efforts with the various stakeholders and primarily with the council, to drive the reconstruction of this section of wall.

Further sections of the wall had collapsed posing further risks to public safety.

Mitigating measures have been considered whereby quotations for a ClearVu© fence be erected, just south of the boundary wall so that it will not be seen as a replacement of a permanent wall, which would still rest with the CoCT to re-install, to MDGA design codes.

It is further noted that the fence is foremost proposed as a security deterrent and not seen as a replacement of the wall.

It is also recommended that the proposal (and quotations) be presented to members via an OGM, for their “buy-in” and approval, via a resolution.

Water and Sanitation

The city has fenced off its pump station of PGD.

  • Issues requiring attention.
  • Further engagement with the City of Cape Town to escalate the repair work that needs to be done at the northern boundary wall, via the MDGA office.
  • Whilst a city official has notified the MDGA that they (City) have no objection to the MDGA erecting a fence on their property, this will need to be formalised in writing and signature.
  • To re-initiate the engagement with the City of Cape Town to bring the M4-M5 road link forward and not leave it under long term planning as published in the District Development Framework Plan. This should be part of the conditions imposed by the TIA for the imminent densification of Vrygrond.
  • Additional engagement with the CoCT/ Province regarding the proposed access through Oudevlei Road and the Special Needs School/ ZENR access road.
  • Resolution on the way forward with all Marina da Gama Boundary Wall, in terms of Standards and Council DAMS compliance.

Parks and Gardens – Valerie Benson

Meeting with Park Island CID Garden Portfolio holder (Euvrard Loubser), Park Island garden representative (Cherry Giljam) on 2nd October 2023 and subsequent meeting with Park Island CID Chairman (Boudje Giljam) on 12th October 2023

  • Met with the above parties from Park Island CID to discuss the recent planting of Thibault Walk Park and its impact on local ball games. The Park Island CID made the decision and approached council for permission to put up signage on the park re organised ball games and the planting of succulents to protect the grass in the relevant public open space.
  • Met with Park Island CID Chairman, Boudje Giljam, to discuss how Park Island CID would work in conjunction with the MDGA going forward. Park island CID has plans for their own POS and have a budget to add to the MDGA budget in terms of the MDGA Parks and Gardens. Information as to their plans to be made available to the MDGA in advance of each Tuesday that the Marina Gardeners are present.

Meeting with Cannon Island / Eastlake Island and Uitsig Peninsula garden representatives – Monday 16 October 2023 Met with the Marina garden representatives for Uitsig Peninsula and Eastlake Island/Cannon Island, today 16.10.2023 re the following:

  • Eastlake Island CID and Park Island CID – how they function alongside MDGA as they also have budgets for Parks and Gardens along with a budget for other portfolios – I advised that the Eastlake CID would only probably be active next year as it takes a year to 18 months to be approved. We are working alongside Park Island CID to smooth out the way forward seeing as it is new to both of our organisations. No changes to the way things operate at present is foreseen though. Park island CID’s Parks and Garden budget would be in addition to the MDGA budget for the portfolio.
  • Mowing of Public Open Spaces in the Marina – council has not mowed regularly so grass seeds are out of control. I have emailed the Parks department at council to raise this
  • Signage to protect our flower beds from pets running through them, destroying plants and leaving deposits in the beds – asked Andie to get quotes for 4 signs for three islands
  • Andie mentioned that there is a bluegum tree in Cannon Island that has branches dangerously long. I have raised this to the council Parks department
  • The Uitsig and Cannon Island/Eastlake garden represents will provide a small Christmas lunch for the Marina Gardeners as they did last year as a thank you. They voluntarily do this out of their own pocket and wish to continue in this way this year.
  • Council Parks department taking a long time to collect the garden refuse once the Marina Gardeners have been on a Tuesday. I have raised this to the council Parks department but we will also get quotes from local Marina residents who would be able to transport the refuse timeously away during the course of the same week that the Marina Gardeners have worked.


  1. Crime.

Muizenberg SAPS –

  • No Muizenberg or Sectoral crime figures were reported for this period up to 27.9.2023.
  • No murders had been committed, but there was a sharp increase in house breaking, thefts of and from vehicles.
  • The meeting was conducted by Lt Colonel Lourens in the absence of Captain Knapp. He encouraged safety activists to contact him om 0823009280 in the event of serious problems.
  • We were introduced to the new station commander – Colonel Johnston. She has done much of her recent policing in the False Bay area.
  • The police station now has a solar backup, and is able to operate24/7.

The meeting discussed a number of matters: –

  • widespread complaints about the actions of desk staff who refuse to accept criminal charges laid by the public
  • an increase in gang activity with the Vlakkers coming to the fore in Sea Winds and the 26 & 28 gangs in all sectors.


Three crimes were reported for the month of September, 2023: –

  • East Lake Drive – House Break and Theft (HBT) at 0640 on 9.9.23;
  • East Lake Marina Pub & Bistro – HBT – between 2200 and 0200 on 14.9.23
  • East Lake Marina Café – Common Theft (TC) – unknown time on 20.9.2023.

All crimes were reported to Muizenberg SAPS

LPR Triggers

Many triggers but mostly of no use to the Marina. One vehicle (not from the Marina) recovered.

  • Cameras.

The Oudevlei LPR has been handed over to Philsec Systems for repairing water damage, corrosion at a quote of R2932.50.

It is currently being re-aligned by DB, Philsec and Navic.

There is at least one more camera (Eastlake LPR) requiring repair for water damage.

  • North Wall.

There was much fussing about the north wall collapse. I have attended on site with Robbie and a reputable Clear view erector.

His quote is R50848 for 31.78 m of 1.8m high Clearvue – antresite including all posts. The quote includes erection, posts in concrete footings.

Robbie and Connor have obtained other quotes so we can finalise this matter.

I have sent a detailed bundle to all members of Excom showing that we can proceed

STANDARDS – vacant

Surrounding COMMUNITIES’ Liaison – Lathif Gafoor

* Songezo promised earlier in the year that you would reconnect with me regarding the removal of the build up of debris from the canals later in the year when the erratic water levels in the canal has stabilised

* Abdullah Parker / Alistair Lee would recall the subject of the “piping” system which I raised at a ZPAAC meeting earlier in the year

* the system was devised and installed in the canal by a student from UCT in his masters project

* it was an extremely effective system in capturing the debris but the tubing has now collapsed and the system needs to be revisited. Alistair undertook to do the investigation in having the project reinstated. I trust that Alistair has had some success in having the system resuscitated

* Alistair also promised to look into the outsized bobcat which according to Songezo is rotting away unused. This was procured to clean the canals but could not be lowered into the canal as it was of the incorrect width

* Kyran at the last ZPAAC meeting you promised that the grass along the pathway in question would be cut within two weeks. It’s now past the sell by date. Could we have some feedback.

* will the boomgate be installed soon as the project is now long overdue

Treasury – Jonathan Walters

The expenses for the month were the standard monthly payments, though a new inverter is needed for the administrative office as the previous one is now dysfunctional, three quotes will be discussed and then the necessary unit can be purchased. 

I have met with the designated debt collector to ascertain the exact procedure for the collection process. My concern was not having sufficient notes on the reports to keep track of each case but he has gladly obliged to modify the reports accordingly for more clarity. 

A request was made to assess the maintenance expenses pertaining to gardening and security, to budget and evaluate. An updated income and expenditure statement for the recent month will be secured from the bookkeeper shortly and added to the archive for the website.

In the meanwhile, here is the information pertaining to the security and gardening that can be discussed in the meeting:

Average monthly gardening fixed expense for maintaining the gardens throughout the Marina = R11900. Two gardeners are recruited (under Friends of Park Island) and a further six through Staffa Hussein.

The average security monthly fixed expense is R14345, consisting of the Deep Blue subscription, plus the monitoring and maintenance of cameras through two companies, Navic and 5th Dimension.

Zandvlei estuarine management plan

The City of Cape Town encourages residents and interested and affected parties to comment on the draft management plan for the Zandvlei Estuary in Muizenberg. The commenting period closes on 30 November 2023. Read more below:

The Zandvlei Estuary – the point where Zandvlei meets the False Bay ocean in Muizenberg – has a catchment area of 92km². The estuary is highly modified, a temporarily open-closed system, and impacted by the surrounding urban suburbs of Constantia, Plumstead, Tokai, Retreat and Muizenberg that drain into the catchment.

The City’s Environmental Management Department is responsible for the management of the estuary and must develop an Estuarine Management Plan (EMP) that assesses its current state and determines management and monitoring actions.

The EMP is a strategic planning document that must be updated every five years, and the public now has the opportunity to comment on the latest review.


  • Is a 2,5km long, shallow estuarine system, and is 0,5km wide at its widest point
  • Receives flows from the Keysers, Sand and Westlake rivers
  • Has a long history of alteration and management since the establishment of the Simon’s Town railway line across the estuary in the 19th century, and further alterations in the early 1970s
  • Is a popular recreational waterbody with water-based activities including canoeing, yachting, paddle-boarding, angling etc.
  • Is a critical nursery area for marine fish species, and provides a habitat for waterbirds such as waterfowl and waders
  • Receives significant quantities of polluted and poor quality runoff from the urban catchment

‘The Zandvlei estuary is the last truly functional estuary on the False Bay coast, and it is vital from an ecological, social and economic perspective that we conserve this asset. It is possible with good management, targeted remediation and rehabilitation to reduce the nutrient build-up in the vlei. By improving the mouth management, we can enhance the estuary’s connection with the ocean, and rehabilitate the terrestrial and wetland areas that border the vlei,’ said the City’s Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Eddie Andrews.

The revised estuary management plan provides short-, medium-, and long-term management priorities and actions to maintain and enhance the estuarine function; protect the critical biodiversity and existing urban infrastructure bordering the vlei; and enable recreational and educational uses for current and future generations.

‘The quality of inflow from the catchment area, and sewage spills related to infrastructure failure and load-shedding, pose the biggest threats to the estuary’s water quality and overall health. The City is committed to addressing these challenges. We also note the priority action items listed in the revised plan, among which the proposal to dredge the marine sediments from the lower channel, the development of sewer pump station protocols to manage surcharge and failure events, the installation of back-up power for sewage pump stations in the catchment area, enforcement of residential, agricultural and commercial compliance in the wider catchment in accordance with the City’s stormwater by-laws, and to monitor runoff from sources such as agricultural areas and golf courses.

‘I encourage residents, the immediate community, recreational users, businesses and interested and affected parties to read the draft revised plan, and to submit comments. We are eager to receive your input on this very important plan that has been revised to help us improve the Zandvlei Estuary, its health and water quality over time,’ said Alderman Andrews.

The draft plan is available on the City’s website at: www.capetown.gov.za/haveyoursay.

The commenting period closes on 30 November 2023.

The high resolution map and photo are available here: https://bit.ly/466EShl

Design manual explained: Part III


Having established why buildings in Marina da Gama have to comply with the requirements of the Design Manual and also explained the origins of the style of architecture on which the Design Manual is based, the next step is to explain the way the elements of a building are put together to comply with the Manual.

With the origins lying with the Cape Vernacular style of architecture it is important to adhere to certain basic principals of Building Form, both in plan and elevation.

The true vernacular style, in plan, tends to resemble certain letters of the alphabet, “U”,”T”, “L” & “H”

Bearing in mind that the Marina style is an adaptation of the vernacular, the plan shapes have been changed to suit the next design feature, which was the incorporation of mono-pitch roofs which typically extend over only one room width and are broken at the apex by a parapet wall. This, important feature was introduced to minimise the impact of the wind on the Marina.

These are the adaptations of the Alphabet shapes:

And the illustration below shows how the “one room” roof cover should be applied. It should be noted that this can be expanded to be one roof plus a passage.

Pitched roofs are to be detailed and constructed at between 10 and 25 degrees pitch and are to be black. Permitted materials are natural slate, fibre cement slate or cement roof tiles. Permitted colours are black, blue black or dark grey. The reason for these colour choices being that they fit most naturally into the palette of the original vernacular material which was thatch.

In addition to pitched roofs, lean-to flat roofs form part of the vernacular style and are permitted.

These can be at any pitch below 5 degrees and constructed out of concrete waterproofed board or profiled metal sheeting. In the case of concrete or waterproofed board a layer of stone chip should cover the waterproofing which is good practice because it protects the membrane but also reduces the likelihood of glare. In the case of metal roofs, they must be set between parapet walls or if not possible all side timbers should be screened with fascia boards.   The following illustrate the roof Forms which do not follow the vernacular and are not permitted

Marina da Gama Association Executive Committee

Portfolio Reports August 2023


Archcom meeting was held on 08 August 2023 attended by Gordon Hart, Lise Carswell, Ulf Martz and me.

Four plans were examined, 2 were approved & 2 need minor changes before approval.
2 No-objection to departures to city building bylaws were received from the city.

Brief discussion on the fees and Archcom will refund the member the deposit & inspection fee. 

Communications – Lise Carswell

I had a meeting with Chris Bishoff our web and communications guy. He is worried that our website is at capacity and becoming very slow.

1 – We have way too many documents on the Official Document page. We have started a Google Drive page where old documents (ancient Excom minutes etc) will be saved. These can then be accessed via a link on the website. I have started moving files across. Marcia has the log in details.

2 – our website sits with Xneelo. This affords us a number of email addresses. We could set up emails for the portfolios that do a lot of communications, like for example chairman@ etc. This would allow those taking over a portfolio to have all the relevant information and not start from scratch each time.

3 – The website is heavily coded and clunky. Chris proposed a rebuild and this was already on the cards when I took over the portfolio. The new website would be template driven and without getting too technical, this would allow us to be able to upload documents and information ourselves, costing less and without having to wait for someone else to upload documents

New Residents pamphlet
Cost to update the new residents pamphlet is R450 per hour. The changes we need will not take more than 1 hour. Can I go ahead and make the changes?

We are reviving the blog. This gives us more interesting content on the website, keeps things fresh and allows people to go back and read older articles like, for example, the ones by Gordon Hart, which will be relevant going forward.

Conservation and engagement – Caitlin Melidonis

Past Month’s Activities
• “Conservation Corner” content supplied for MDGA newsletter. Fun facts about the wildlife on the reserve and useful information will be supplied to residents in every newsletter going forward.
• Confirmation received from the Nature Reserve regarding the following activities which Valerie kindly advertised on social media:
o Full moon walk on Park Island – Thursday 31 August
o Bird Walk on main reserve – Sunday 10 September

Issues requiring attention
• Appointment of Waterways Portfolio representative – suggestion to advertise in next MDGA newsletter and Whatsapp and Facebook groups to request applications for this important position on the excom.
• Drafting and circulation of information sheet about injured wild animals (who to call, what to do etc.)
• Additional dates for a second full moon walk and bird walk before the end of the year to be discussed with Nature Reserve Staff.


 Marina Children’s Christmas Party – proposed date Saturday 16 December 2023

Have provisionally booked Father Christmas (David Muller) pending costs

Need to check status of MDGA music equipment, speakers etc

Marina Christmas Carols – proposed date Sunday 17 December 2023

Have contacted Mike English and original Carols band and advised proposed  Carols date which they are happy with.

Confirmed Don from Eastlake Island as the piper for the Marina Carols. He has played at them before.

Marina Open Gardens day – proposed date 10 September 2023

The Marina Open Gardens poster has been sent in for the next Marina newsletter on 15.8.2023. Seven gardens are confirmed for the day.

Municipal Infrastructure – Ulf Martz

  1. Past Month’s Activities

Due to extreme weather conditions, flooding has occurred, as well as failures of some infrastructure, such as the boundary wall on the northern periphery, see below for further details.

Collapsed Boundary Wall

Sections of the northern boundary wall had collapsed after a storm. The matter had been addressed and communicated to the City officials, and with the assistance of Valerie Benson, the City implemented temporary fencing to close off the area due to security concerns.

Further communication between the MDGA and City officials and councillors ensued.

Whilst the onus of reinstating the section of boundary wall falls on the property owner, in this case the CoCT, they appear to be reluctant to build a new wall.


The Marina Gardeners’ team, led by Staffa, works every Tuesday on a rotational basis in the various areas of the Marina. Park Island, then Uitsig Peninsula, then Cannon Island and Eastlake Island.

Each area of the Marina has a local resident guiding the Marina Gardeners on the relevant Tuesday.  Andrea Pycroft represents Cannon Island and Eastlake Island, and Koemi Rowe is the Uitsig Peninsula representative. 

I met with Cherry Giljam and Nola Davidson on Wednesday 9th August 2023. They have offered to be the Park Island resident volunteers replacing Silvia Stringer. Cherry wants to focus on tidying up and beautifying the entrance to Park Island as their first project before moving onto to other areas. Nola and Cherry were due to meet on Sunday 13 August 2023 to have a walk around and see what needs attending to. Cherry was also going to contact Silvia Stringer for a handover.

Three sets of keys to the garden storage unit in Eastlake Island have been cut for the three different Marina resident volunteers, ie Koemi, Andi and Cherry/Nola. The Marina Gardeners team start at 8:30am each Tuesday. As the MDGA office only opens at 9am, the volunteers requested keys to open up for the gardeners at 8:30am.

The Marina Gardeners are in Park Island tomorrow, Tuesday 15th August 2023, so Cherry and Nola are ready to receive them.

160 bags of mulch at R30 per bag were ordered and delivered by Super Plants Tokai for the use of all the islands before the end of the winter rains.

At the entrance to Oudevlei Road, Uitsig Peninsula, the brick paving section that needed repair has been attended to and looks much better. I logged a service request with council for this about a month ago.

Staffa had a serious accident on 4th or 5th July 2023 – have asked him for an update on how his leg is healing and if he has a date in mind to return to the Marina Gardeners team.


1.Assessing the current state security in MDG.

1.1. Entry Cameras.

All 8 entrances to the Marina are covered by an LPR and an Overview camera. These cameras are owned by the MDGA, initial monitoring is done by Navic; reaction by Deep Blue and maintenance by First Dimension. This is not how the system was inaugurated and I would need compelling evidence that three service providers are necessary for these cameras when the other 61 security cameras in the Marina are leased from and fully serviced by Deep Blue.

During July 2023, the LPR cameras were triggered 72 times by 16 vehicles, an average of 5 times per vehicle. One resident`s vehicle triggered the system 26 times for the crime of poaching. Deep Blue located/escorted/followed out of the area 15 vehicles or 20% of the vehicles triggering the system. None of the triggers arose from any crime in the Marina.

It is clear that the whole system needs to be reviewed and cleaned up. It seems that little is being achieved at present, tho there may be a psychological benefit.

1.2. Security status of the MDGA Precincts; –

       -Uitsig has 6 cameras on the north Wall totally financed by the MDGA, and some hardy activists raising money to keep the guard and Deep Blue`s presence funded. The tail of the North Wall reaching to the canal has fallen down and is currently replaced with a fence. It has many well maintained houses and attractive internal and verge gardens. It also has many of the same that are a disgrace, as well as some of the common areas. We have clear safety and standards challenges here. I note that Uitsig is now well represented on the Excom. Should we not consider an “Uitsig sub committee” to consider devise and execute a strategy to sort these and other Uitsig problems out.

       -Park Island is now a Special Rating Area (CID). It has a strong safety group headed by Colin Reeves. It has 98% contribution to security which consists of a manned guarding presence at the entrance and 8 monitored cameras.

       – Eastlake (Elisa) has strong safety operations managed by a very good volunteer group.  It has approx. 80% contribution to security costs and has 8 monitored cameras and an unofficial guard at the entrance. It will reach CID status in July 2024.

       -Cannon Island safety committee is not yet known to me, but I suspect it needs more management, members and energy. It self finances its 16 monitored cameras.

       -Fishermans Quay has a history of fine safety structure with 9 monitored cameras paid for by residents. I am informed that this precinct is about to lose its long time champion.

       -Battleridge has a committee and 12 self funded monitored cameras. It is an area of concern, as it is the only precinct with a drive through road. It also has two cameras funded by the MDGA in the gully behind the Battleridge dune.

       -Park Island Quay is a self funding gated village. Port and Starboard Closes are also gated. Sonnet and Spearhead which exit onto Prince George Drive apparently have active committees and WhatsApp circles. I am uncertain of the status of Waterside Close, Dabchick Quay and Eastlake drive.

1.3. Funding of Precinct security.

A general meeting authorised the funding of the entry cameras, whilst at the same time confirming that except by way of such a meeting, all precincts were expected to meet their own security costs.

Subsequently, previous excoms saw fit to fund cameras in Uitsig and Battleridge without gaining the approval of a general meeting.

This was unfortunate because it opens the way to all precincts calling for the MDGA to fund their security costs, which in turn would lead to the Association`s inevitable bankruptcy.

A further problem has arisen with worsening loadshedding during which we lose much of our protection from crime. I am getting an idea of what the mitigation costs would be.


No crime was reported in the Marina during the month of July

However, the SAPS Community Forum which is attended by Colin and myself was advised by Captain Knapp that crime in Sector Three (Prince George Drive to Kalk bay) was rising fast, particularly in the categories of rape; burglary, housebreak, house robbery, theft from vehicles and theft of vehicles. We are not permitted to reveal the numbers, but generally they are double those of the previous year. Most crime occurs between 2100 and 0900 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Most crime in our Sector Three occurs in the north of the Sector between the railway line and the estuary mouth. Clevedon, Frankfort and Alexandria were mentioned as problematical.

3.Extending Protection in the Sector and Beyond.

Moves to create an unbroken bulwark of precinct security in the Deep South are underway, but these things take time.

We have gone backwards in that a key precinct neighbour – Marine Estate – has lost its activist driver and has virtually ceased to exist.

The MID and the Marina will be the prime movers in this extension.

The Muizenberg Police station has no mitigation during night time load shedding. It does however have a large but non-functional generator and has abundant stocks of fuel. We are finding out what the cost of fixing and reconnecting the generator will be.

I hope the MDGA will come in for some of the costs once they are known. An appeal to residents should also be considered.

4.Other community problems.

The unlawful use of the public spaces in the Marina will be dealt with strictly by the law enforcement entities. We are awaiting the erection of a Council notice board which will show exactly which activities are unlawful. This will be followed by a campaign of robust persuasion to ensure that Law Enforcement carries out its obligations.

We need to be concerned about vehicles speeding in the Marina, and to consider a lower speed limit.

Notably in Uitsig, we have garden refuse being dumped in the in the public spaces and on the verges.

We also have a rapidly expanding colony of Port Jackson invaders that need removal and poisoning.

5.Collaboration, cohesion and communication between the precinct security operations to ensure resident buy-in.

There are so many matters to be investigated, assessed, changed, improved and extended that excom would be busy with them to the exclusion of other important matters.

Therefore, I will now commence to canvass support amongst the security community for a resuscitation of the Marina Guardians as a forum open to all security activists where security matters can be considered and consensus sought prior to their submission to Excom for approval. We would expect all security providers operating in the marina to attend Guardian meetings.

The Guardians will not impinge in any way on the autonomy of precinct safety operations.


  1. I met with the two Standards Officers in the MDGA Offices on Friday 11 August 2023. We agreed to hold a regular weekly meeting at 9am on Tuesdays.
  2. We agreed to update and review the database on alleged violations of the Standards and will review weekly.
  3. We reviewed the file on the Vibracrete Wall.
    1. It is recommended that a meeting be set up with the owner to establish the next steps. Dates are being sought for a meeting through Mr Hepple who apparently has some communication with the parties.
    1. There has been no communication with the City and it is unclear whether a building permit is required or would be required to replace what is there.

Surrounding COMMUNITIES’ Liaison – Lathif Gafoor