Meet gardening rep, Andrea Pycroft

Originally from Zimbabwe, Andrea Pycroft moved to Cannon Island from Wynberg with her husband, Anthony, and their two children in March 2017.

While her daughter was a school, she taught art at Herschel Girls’ School, and still loves to paint birds and wildlife in her chosen mediums, watercolour and acrylic. In Zimbabwe, she ran her own company, Andy Pandy, which specialised in children’s nursery décor. She enjoys the outdoors and regularly hikes in the mountains or walks the Muizenberg to Kalk Bay route.

Earlier this year, Andrea was approached to be the contact person for the Marina Gardeners when they are in Cannon Island and Eastlake Island. She loves gardening and really wants to help the Marina Gardeners restore neglected parts of our beautiful neighbourhood.

The Marina Gardeners work every Tuesday in a different part of the Marina. So, every third Tuesday, they are in Cannon Island/Eastlake Island with Andrea. This past Tuesday, Andrea and the gardening team led by Staffa Hussein, tackled the pathway in Cable Close, where roots were pushing up the bricks. The team also cleared and replenished the flowerbeds at the Tiller Arm parking area with various water-wise plants.

The Eastlake Island irrigation system is scheduled to be fine-tuned. But, until this is done, it would be great if someone could volunteer to water the new beds that Andrea and Staffa’s team create.

The team also cleared the overgrown flowerbeds in Turk’s Head and plan to replenish the plants there in due course. Again, we’d very much appreciate it if someone could volunteer to water these beds.

If you have any plants you wish to donate, if you can assist with watering flower beds, or if you want to raise concerns about any of the public open spaces in Eastlake Island or Cannon Island, please feel free to contact Andrea on 084 368 8763 or email the Marina da Gama Association on

Please remember that verges are the resident’s responsibility.

Meanwhile, we’re sure you will agree that the Marina Gardeners, Staffa and Andrea accomplished quite a lot last Tuesday.

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