Notice of this year’s MDGA AGM

MDGA AGM, Tuesday 22 June, Masque Theatre, Muizenberg

Doors open at 18.30 to start at 19.00 sharp.

Due to lockdown level 3 we have made the following changes to the AGM setup:


· A maximum of 50 in total people are permitted inside the venue. – RSVP imperative by Monday 21st 12 noon.

· Masks and temperature testing is mandatory. Registration before entering the auditorium.

· Once you have registered, kindly proceed to your seat. No refreshments of any kind will be available.


· We are introducing a Zoom option for members.

· Email to receive the invite code. This must be done before 12 noon on the 22nd.

· The Zoom option will be live-streamed to the gathering and the option for questions and comments will be available.


· Proxy/ballot forms have been amended to include two new ordinary resolutions, so please ensure that you are using the attached version.

· We sent our revised Standards and Building Manual on the 15 June for a vote at the AGM. Kindly ensure you are referring to the latest version.

ExCom is satisfied that in combination – proxy’s, Zoom participants and members present – will qualify as part of quorum, with 60 members required to be quorate.

If you want your voice to be heard but cannot attend the AGM in person or via Zoom, please complete your proxy form and submit it to the MDGA office before 12 noon on 22 June.

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS so you can continue to receive communications from the Association.
E-mail address:


Whilst these dates are mandated – the earlier that RSVP’s can be submitted the better for Social Distancing

  • 31st May 2021 – final submission of resolutions
  • 18th June 2021 – final acceptance of EFT payments for subscriptions
  • 18th June 2021 RSVP for Masque Covid Protocol
  • 22nd June 2021 @ 12:00 – final acceptance at MDGA office of proxy forms. Late proxy forms may be dropped in the ballot box at the AGM (with certified identification)

The following information will be available on the website at the end of May 2021:

  1. Agenda
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Presentation of Exco
  4. Adoption of Previous AGM’s Minutes
  5. Adoption of Annual Financial Statements (AFS) for year ending 28th February 2021
  6. Resolutions
  7. Any other Business
 By order of Excom
 Richard Midgley