Discovering community spirit’s mystical magic

Fairies in the Marina? Well, if Santa Claus visits us every December, why not?

Either way, Uitsig residents, Stew and Wendy West, went ahead and created their own
community fairy tree in Uitsig. Inspiration struck after the owls visited the family and their niblings took to searching for fairies in their garden with their chameleons. The Wests thought it would be fun to paint some doors on the tree outside and make it a safe home for the little folk.


Several days later, someone added another feature to the tree and the rest is history… Every month or so, people continue to add new features. A few youngsters – and maybe the young at heart – also paint rocks or add little bits and pieces to the fairy refuge. Great fun!

Meanwhile, another community-minded Uitsig resident has hand-built a beautiful, sturdy
wooden bench and table set and generously donated it to neighbours for their pleasure and
enjoyment. The set is known as the local bush pub, and is helping to create an outdoor space where people can mingle safely. But you need to bring all your own food and drinks as they aren’t supplied. One local resident suggested that the bush pub actually came about as a way of getting husbands out of the house!