Minutes and portfolio reports (February 2022)

Minutes of EXCOM – MARINA DA GAMA ASSOCIATION held on 8th February 2022 at the Offices of the MDGA at 18h00 

1. Welcome to all –
Present – Patrick Mc Kenna, Paul Higgins, Richard Midgley, Nick Bode, Graham Barratt, Ulf Martz, Dominique Erasmus
Apology – Peter Allen
Absent – Tharwah Davids

2. Unanimous Approval of Minutes of 11th January 2022

3. Portfolio Reports


Bank Balances: as at 04/02/2022

Cheque A/cR21,089.66
Archcom A/c R319,032.88
Money Market A/cR615,519.34

4)    Matters Arising

(A)       Nomination for Vice Chair – Nominated by P Higgins – Ulf Martz – Unanimously Voted by Exco for Vice Chair– Congratulations Ulf

(B)       Resolution – Bank Signatories – removal of people left Exco, addition of new Signatory – Lise Carswell to be removed, and Ulf Martz to be added – unanimous approval

(C)       New Member – Jannik Röttcher – Park Island resident and qualified Land Surveyor –will join Exco in Infrastructure portfolio – with Ulf doing handover– Congratulations Jannik

 (D)       Budget 2022 – presented – unanimously approved by Exco

 (E)        Special Rates Area (SRA) and or Gated Community (GA)- Chair raised these issues as the most significant issues that will improve the value of properties in the Marina. They are very different options – basically the SRA is a mechanism to have City collect monthly special rates fee, that the Marina Association can use to benefit members. The GA is a different proposition that we would apply to City, and if successful we would close the Marina, with selected entrances having Guard Houses and complete access control. The MDGA would require 75% of Members approval, and would have to enter into binding agreements to preserve and maintain all City assets, which would have to be bought or leased from the City, like Roads, Public open Spaces etc. This would be a significant step – with a transfer of infrastructure risk to the Marina. The possibility is there that sections of the Marina could be closed and not the entire Marina? This is a weighty issue and the City documents will be shared with Exco as a first step in the process.

(F)        Events – DE and PM – looking into hosting weekly mini events at Franks Coffee Shop– events like poetry, art classes, Self Portraits etc. An Open studio’s – event that would be held over Easter in April – where artists could open their houses to the public – to show case their artworks/crafts.

(G)       Marina Shirts – UM – is to get samples of Marina shirts – for sale to members

(H)       Welcome Pack is completed and PM will get final sign off from advertisers – after Exco voted unanimously and with appreciation for a magnificent job done

(I)         Money raised by DE at Park Fair to be spent on Uitsig Park – MDGA to supplement   

(J)        Frustration expressed by Exco regarding garden cutting pickups by City – it was stressed that only Public Open Space’s cuttings are the responsibility of the City – any domestic cuttings are the responsibility of the Household and not the City.

5)     Date of next meeting – 8th March 2022 at 18h00 at MDGA Offices

Meeting Finished at 19h00

 Infrastructure – Ulf Martz

Activities during January 2022 involved attending City of Cape Town meetings at the Marian da Gama and at ZPAAC.

Asset Management
CoCT Procurement of a new weed harvester, commissioning and delivery expected June 2022 – See waterways report.
Still awaiting asset register in terms of municipal services from the CoCT,

Roads and Stormwater
Various correspondence addressed to the CoCT relating to the Marina da Gama Road conditions and status of the M3-M5 link were sent to City officials. Awaiting response.

Infrastructural Development
Zandvlei Expressway/Parkway (M3-M5) link road, refer to the CoCT Southern District Develop Plan:
Provided input to City’s Draft IDP 2022 on 13 January 2022.
Vrygrond Housing Development – comments submitted.

Nothing to report.   

Water and Sanitation
A meeting was held on 20 January 2022 with City officials from DWS relating to the malfunctioning pumpstations. Further discussions were held at the ZPAAC meeting held on 26 January 2022. – refer to Waterways Report.

Electricity Supply
Nothing to report.  

Incidents and Faults Logged
Road accident in Uitsig, resulting in a resident’s wall being damaged has been recorded. Introduction of Traffic calming measures to be applied for with the City of Cape Town.  

Pedestrian Flows
The high pedestrian flow on Eastlake Drive using the roadway is considered hazardous for motorists.
Consideration to provide appropriate sidewalks should be addressed with the CoCT. A formal submission will be prepared.

STANDARDS – Graham Barratt


The year has got off to a slow start after the Dec/Jan holiday. Robbie is presently working through and actioning items on “Action lists” which were drawn up during the course of last week.

The main focuses being:

  1. to have three car wrecks removed from the public roadways;
  2. to get the Council to clean all solid waste from their green bins and other rubbish receptacles;
  3. To deal with the most severe and longest outstanding transgressions. In this regard Robbie and I will be doing weekly walkabouts, starting in Uitsig Moorings on Monday 7th Feb, thereafter progressing area by area throughout the Marina.

EVENTS – Dominique Erasmus


WHAT: Open studio weekend 

               : arts workshops – weekly drawing/ watercolor/ poetry eve etc 

WHEN: Easter weekend, Saturday 16-Sunday 17 April 2022 from 12.00 noon to 6.00pm 


WHERE: Within Marina da Gama only

                  : Frank’s Coffee & Bagel Bar in Eastlake Shopping Centre

HOW MUCH? Publicity/design/printing budgets for the open studio weekend TBD; ditto cost of space for weekly workshops. A3 flyers = R25 at Epic Print.

                  : No cost for premises 


  • Publish 2 x successive call for entries in email newsletters w/ending 11 02 2022 and 18 02 2022
  • Follow up on Facebook weekly until 16 04 2022
  • The content will emphasise that the weekend is a launchpad for a series of weekly artistic workshops in Eastlake Shopping Centre
  • The categories: all arts/crafts – painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, jewellery, ceramics/pottery, glassware, sculpture, textiles, metalwork, woodwork/woodturning, mosaics, interiors, furniture (hard and soft), tableware, accessories, lighting, writing and poetry. We may explore the possibility of hosting a music event.
  • Set deadline for responses from exhibitors as 28 02 2022
  • Draft registration document
  • Send out registration document to each respondent by w/ending 11 03 2022
  • Registration document will include name, address, area of expertise/production, contact details, website/social media details, indemnity absolving MDGA for any loss, theft or damage during visits
  • DISCUSSION POINT: Should we steer away from names with addresses? Perhaps just a company name or skill name and address. Only enough info to get the job done basically. 
  • DISCUSSION POINT: Do we need to include any other T&Cs?
  • Begin publicising the event and weekly workshops in email newsletter w/ending 1 04 2022, 8 04 2022, 15 04 2022
  • Publish full list of exhibitors with addresses and specialist areas across all channels w/ending 8 04 2022
  • Follow-up on Facebook from w/ending 1 04 2022
  • Design/print flyer for delivery and distribution w/beginning 4 04 2022
  • Design/print visitors’ map for delivery w/beginning 11 04 2022.

I have not had any reasonable suggestions from community on how to spend the R2510 raised in December 2021. Can we vote on what to do with monies?  

ARCHCOM – Paul Higgins

Archcom meeting was held on 03 February 2022 attended by Gordon Hart and me.
Seven new plans were submitted, and five plans were approved.
One submission needed some clarification or minor changes before our consent will be given, the other needs to comply with City Building regulations.
No objection to one departure was dealt with.


With support from Lise Carswell, the team continues to publish content through all our channels – our website, Facebook, the weekly email newsletter and our blog. We are currently in the process of looking for a new online support person to take care of all the backend processes. The next major campaign will involve working with the Events portfolio to publicise the planned Open Studio weekend in April.

SECURITY – Peter Allen

Please find below the Crime reported to/attended by DBS.

 Sonnet/SpearheadSonnet QuayTheft06.01.2206h25NoWater meter stolen

LPR triggers for January 2022.

Triggers received – 43
Vehicles involved – 17

Alleged Crime Types

  • Burglary Residential
  • Drug Dealing
  • Abalone Poaching
  • Robbery Armed
  • Robbery Common
  • Suspicious MV
  • Farm Attach
  • Fraud
  • Possibly Sought Vehicle
  • Remote Vehicle Jamming
  • Stolen
  • Theft of MV or MC


  • 23 Triggers: Vehicles were out of the area before SSP’s arrived
  • 17 Triggers: Vehicles were followed out of the area by SSP’s
  • 1 Trigger: Vehicle recovered in Lakeside. 2 suspects arrested
  • 1 Trigger: Vehicle followed to area boundary
  • 1 Trigger: Vehicle recovered in Plumstead. 1 suspect arrested


Extra days work:

  • public open space in Battle Ridge cleared
  • bees removed & trees trimmed at Battle Ridge wall.
  • clear weeds along Prince George Drive wall

All on behalf of the City of Cape Town – quid pro quo; grass & tree cuttings, weeds and algae to be removed by the council.  


1) The CoCT have budgeted for weekly drone flights to monitor algal growth and blooms in the waterways for the next two months. This will help to inform the priority areas for clearing by the weed harvester.

2) Two boat crews with 6 people each will be hired by the CoCT to mop up alga in areas the weed harvester can’t get to. The contract will hopefully be finalised next month – teams are working at Dabchick

 3) The construction of the first of two new weed harvesters (1 for Marina Da Gama) is expected to be completed and delivered by June/July 2022.

4) Kingfisher has had a mechanical breakdown – we are awaiting feedback about turnaround time