Minutes and portfolio reports (March 2022)

Minutes of EXCOM – MARINA DA GAMA ASSOCIATION held on 8th March 2022 at the Offices of the MDGA at 18h00  

  1. Welcome to all–

Present – Patrick Mc Kenna, Paul Higgins, Richard Midgley, Graham Barratt, Ulf Martz, Dominique Erasmus, Jannik Rottcher

Via Zoom – Peter Allen

2. Unanimous Approval of Minutes of 8th February 2022

3. Portfolio Reports


Bank Balances: as at 04/03/2022

Cheque A/cR41,803.47
Archcom A/c R318,634.78
Money Market A/cR587,251.20

4)    Matters Arising

(A)  Chair, V Chair and Communication Portfolio to meet with Bistro Management

(B)  Face Book Adverts – MDGA voted unanimously – absolutely no adverts besides community based – not for profit adverts

(C) Design Manual – Exco voted unanimously for updated resolutions – 1, 2, 3 (with wording to be amended by VC see below) 4 and 5 but voted no for resolution regarding Aluminium Blinds, which is not reflected here.  These Resolutions are to be submitted to MDGA AGM in June 2022 for approval by the members.

Resolution 3 Plans submission – V Chair to provide amended wording – regarding Compliance with National, Provincial and City legislation in plan submission – as per the MDGA Constitution.

Explanation – Below resolutions – Strikethrough – is removal of wording or entire clause and yellow highlights is inclusion of new wording

So, we are now down to 5 resolutions – asbestos removal in part of resolution 1, gutters included due to drought and the correction of previous resolution worded incorrectly regarding your verge are fairly obvious. That leaves 3 new resolutions.  – One confirming the original design criteria of the Marina (1 below) as well as the removal of Asbestos, another being statutory (3 below), and last being a necessity of keeping the roadways uncluttered (5 below).  Exco voted unanimously to approve these 5 proposed resolutions – with wording to be amended on resolution 3. These Resolutions are to be submitted to AGM in June 2022 for approval by the members.

  1. Pitched roofs must be enclosed by parapets on two or more sides and always on gabled ends. Curved and decorated gables and hipped roofs are prohibited. Clippped eaves and Overhanging eaves are also prohibited. The roof pitch must be between 10 and 25. The roof must be black, blue-black or dark grey in colour. Only slate, cement tiles and asbestos fibre cement slate are permitted. This is an aesthetics issue and health in removing asbestos from materials acceptable

Explanation There was, I believe, a fundamental error in the original Design Manual insofar as it did not differentiate between gable eaves and gutter eaves. Gable eaves are not possible (i.e. the roof oversailing the gable wall) as it is a requirement that roofs are contained within parapets. Gutter eaves have universally been constructed throughout the Marina with clipper gutter eaves (In other words with the fascia board and gutter fixed directly onto the wall without an overhang.). The removal of asbestos is self-explanatory and fibre cement is the modern-day equivalent.

2. Gutters were not a feature of early Cape architecture owing to the difficulty of gathering water from thatch. Where gutters are required by the Local Authority, it is recommended that they should be fully concealed or as insignificant as possible. A non-corrosive material such as PVC is recommended for gutters and downpipes.   Explanation With water scarcity we want to encourage run off water collection


Plans submitted for consideration by ARCHCOM must contain the following, minimum information:     Explanation I haven’t copied all – but this is in order to comply with CoCT planning requirements and to speed up CoCT approvals – V Chair to provide clearer wording

4. Owners are required to maintain the planting within the road verge directly opposite   outside their property. Any substantial trees within the verge may not be removed without application to and the approval of the Parks and Forests Department of the City of Cape Town.  

             Explanation: Correction of previous resolution – you need to look after your own verge

5. Caravans and motorhomes shall not be stored on public property or in a visible position on private property. Long term boat parking on public roads is not permitted 

     Explanation: streets get cluttered with cars, caravans and boats parking on the roads

(D) AGM proposed dates – any weekday dates 7 to 28th June (21st a public Holiday)

      dependent on availability – venue Masque Theatre or Muizenberg High School –

      unanimously approved by Exco.

(E) Year End delayed by approx 2 weeks to week of 21st March due to Janet –

      Bookkeeper accident but 2021/2022 Statements as well as March 2022

      Statements will be mailed and or hand delivered by 14th March

(F) Special Rates Area (SRA) and or Gated Community (GA)- Chair raised these

      issues as the most significant issues that will improve the value of properties in

      the Marina. They are very different options – basically the SRA – is a mechanism

      to have City collect monthly special rates fee – that the Marina Association can

      use to benefit members. The GA is a different proposition – that we would apply

      to City – and if successful – we would close the Marina, with selected entrances

      having Guard Houses and complete access control. The MDGA would require

      75% of Members approval, and would have to enter into binding agreements to

      preserve and maintain all City assets – which would have to be bought or leased

      from the City – like Roads, Public open Spaces etc. This would be a significant

      step – with a transfer of infrastructure risk to the Marina. The possibility is there

      that sections of the Marina could be closed and not the entire Marina? This is a

      weighty issue, and the City documents will be shared with Exco as a first step in

      the process. Exco position on SRA vs GA – Exco decided that the Manager

      Southern Peninsula for the CoCT – Mr Gonzales will be invited by PH to brief

      Exco on road forward with advantages and disadvantages of changes.

     (G) Marina T-Shirts – UM circulated the proposed logo designs for T-shirts via email

           prior to the meeting, for review and further comments by EXCO, for


(H) Welcome Pack is completed, and PM Advertisers have given approval –

      Designer in hospital – go ahead to print on his recovery.

(I) UM commented that the City of Cape Town had responded to the request for

    traffic calming measures at Shearwater Drive, having declined the application due

    to no schools or creches located in the area.

5) Date of next meeting – 12th April 2022 at 18h00 at MDGA Offices

Meeting Finished at 19h30

 Portfolio Reports


Herewith the Crime stats for Feb 22.

UitsigShearwaterAtt Housebreak05.02.22Between 21h00 04/02 and 08h00 05/02NoSuspect/s jumped over front wall and tried to force open back window
Battle RidgeBattle RidgeAtt Theft of MV07.02.2204h39Yes Muizenberg3 x suspects with White Quantum tried to steal vehicle
Park IslandMeulen closeTheft09.02.2208h00 to 09h30Yes MuizenbergSuspect/s stole Generator and other goods from premises
Eastlake IslandCutter CloseAtt Theft15.02.2203h00NoSuspect/s tried to steal bird bath
UitsigCootAtt Theft18.02.2223h30NoSuspect tried to steal goods through open window

LPR triggers for February 2022

Triggers received – 39

Vehicles involved – 12

Alleged Crime Types – Drug Dealing

                                         Poaching Suspects

                                         Cable Theft

                                         Robbery Hijacking

                                         Theft Vodacom/MTN Batteries

                                         Suspicious MV

                                         Farm Attack

Outcome – 28 Triggers; Vehicle were out of the area before SSP’s arrived                    

11 Triggers; Vehicle were followed out of the area by SSP’s

Staffa and team did 2 days’ work on Prince George Drive wall – removing litter and weeds during month – what a big difference. Most piles of cuttings cleared during month. Gardening ladies have continued strong start to new year – we are arranging mulch in time for rains – and are moving forward on well points for irrigation


Activities during February 2022 involved liaison with City of Cape Town officials.

Asset Management

CoCT Procurement of new weed harvester, commissioning and delivery expected June 2022.

Still awaiting asset register in terms of municipal services from the CoCT.

Obtained layout of DWS services.

Roads and Stormwater
Some minor water leakages were reported to the CoCT, which were attended to and repaired.

Infrastructural Development
Zandvlei Expressway/Parkway (M3-M5) link road:

Various correspondence addressed to the CoCT relating to the Marina da Gama Road conditions and status of the M3-M5 link were sent to City officials.

Received some promising feedback relating to the M3-M5 link, however the Road falls under the jurisdiction of Province and a Budget allocation needs to be secured. 

Vrygrond Housing Development – comments submitted.

Nothing to report.   

Water and Sanitation
A meeting was held on 20 January 2022 with City officials from DWS relating to the malfunctioning pumpstations. Further discussions were held at the ZPAAC meeting held on 26 January 2022. Subsequently, CoCT released the water quality test results with the notification to lift the ban of intermediate recreational usage of the waterways – refer to Waterways Report.

Electricity Supply
Nothing to report.  

Incidents and Faults Logged
Road accident in San Marina (Dec’2021), resulting in a resident’s wall being damaged has been recorded. Introduction of Traffic calming measures to be applied for with the City of Cape Town. The application was sent to the CoCT.

Pedestrian Flows
The high pedestrian flow on Eastlake Drive using the roadway is considered hazardous for motorists. Consideration to provide appropriate sidewalks should be addressed with the CoCT.  A formal submission has been prepared and submitted.

STANDARDS – Graham Barratt

  • Edits – Total 11 No.
  • Resolved – Total 6 No.
  • Additions – Total 4 No.

EVENTS – Dominique Erasmus

1) The first creative night was a lot of fun and I foresee it growing holistically into a few avenues. 

2) Myself and Patrick have decided to shift the open studio back by a week, due to it being Easter weekend and potentially a lot of people being away. In hopes that this generates more interest. 

3) I had almost settled on a bench for Uitsig park but this did not materialise, I will continue the hunt. 

4) I have secured a future sponsor for prizes for on either the braai or water event- mind you perhaps both

ARCHCOM – Paul Higgins

Archcom meeting was held on 03 March 2022 attended by Gordon Hart and me.

Three new plans were submitted, and two plans were approved. One submission needed some clarification or minor changes before our consent will be given.

No objection to two departures were delt with and two enquiries regarding signage need to be discussed at the next EXCOM meeting


We are in the process of bedding in a new process for managing our online communications. We are also scheduled to print copies of the welcome brochure within the next few days. Otherwise, our work continues as normal with regular updates on all channels.


Continual interaction with role players has seen the waterways being opened for intermediate contact and unfortunately on-going Kingfisher breakdowns. On the positive side, despite numerous unfounded rumours the new Kingfisher is still has an anticipated delivery date of June 2022.