ExCom’s latest minutes and portfolio reports

Minutes of EXCOM – MARINA DA GAMA ASSOCIATION held on Tuesday 12th April 2022 at 18h00 at the Offices of the MDGA at 18h00  

  1. Welcome, Attendance and Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes of 8th March 2022
  3. Portfolio reports:
  • Treasurer – Finance: Bank Balances
  • Communications
  • Waterways
  • Events
  • Archcom
  • Standards
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • General

4. Matters Arising

  • Year End Audit and Financials – Year End February
  • Upcoming AGM
  • Access Control
  • Paraphernalia (T-Shirts)
  • General

Attendance: Ulf Martz (Vice Chair), Peter Allen (Security); Patrick Makenna (Communications); Dominique Erasmus (Events); Jannik Röttcher (Infrastructure).

Apologies: Richard Midgley (Chairman); Graham Barratt (Standards); Paul Higgins (Archcom and Waterways)


Bank Balances: as of 8th April 2022

Cheque A/cR50,843.64
Archcom A/c R309,185.40
Money Market A/cR829,120.75

 Portfolio Reports


PM reported that an up-to-date quote to print 100 copies of the new residents’ booklet has been received. PM will submit the breakdown later this week and once PM obtained approval and will place a print order.

The delay was caused by the death of our designer, Mark Bolton, who sadly passed away after a bad fall at his home followed by an in-hospital infection.

The MDGA needs to find someone to take over the management of our online advertising. PM does not have the experience or know-how to do the job. Above all, he does not have the time. Meanwhile, work continues as usual on all our communication channels.


Herewith the Crime stats for March 22.

Crime stats of incidents reported to DBS/Attended by DBS during March 2022.

Uitsig: Carp Close:  Att: Theft: 31.03.22: 15h00: No: Four kids tried to steal a tied-up boat but ran away when spotted by resident

LPR triggers for March 2022:

  • Triggers received – 29
  • Vehicles involved – 12

Alleged Crime Types –

Drug Dealing

Poaching Suspects

Suspicious MV

Remote Vehicle Jamming

Gang Affiliation

Theft Out/From MV

Illegal Possession Firearm

Buyer of Suspected Stolen Property



Outcome – 17 Triggers; Vehicle were out of the area before SSP’s arrived

                     12 Triggers; Vehicle were followed out of the area by SSP’s

LPR and OVERVIEW camera report:

Sonnet LPR faulty since 15/03 – Fault reported on 17/03 – Repaired 17/03

Sonnet Overview faulty since 16/03 – Fault reported on 17/03 – Repaired 17/03/22. It was noted that one of the faulty security cameras needed to be replaced.


Extract from Zandvlei Trust:

Over the past few weeks numerous people in the broader community have been invited to presentations about the future of the City’s waterways. Our new mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has arrived like a flood of fresh water, pledging to put all the Councils resources behind the rehabilitation of our natural waterways. This is something most of us have been willing for most of our lives.

The concrete canalization of most of our rivers by the City’s storm-water engineers mid last century; agricultural pollution from as far afield as Malmsbury, but also our local golf courses and wine farms; mass urbanisation and resulting informal settlements that have flooded around green spaces and waterways; misuse and damaging of the sewerage system* and an aging sewerage infrastructure …

This financial year alone around R5-billion by my reckoning has been budgeted to start the massive project of reclaiming our rivers and wetlands. While most of it is earmarked for upgrading and maintaining the sewerage system, more than R50-million has been allocated to improving the Sand-Langevlei River system.

Phase One will be creating wetland “sink” at their confluence, which will help trap and process sewage spills, while also contain other pollution, acting as a natural trap and filter. Phase Two will look at rehabilitating those rivers back to a semi-natural state – as God and/or Mother Nature intended. It’s not a quick fix thing and will take decades to see through. Nevertheless, the process has started, and the wheels are already turning.

Within the next few months, we have been told, the process of public participation and consultation will begin, when we’ll have a say about how things could and should be done.

(Courtesy Zandvlei Trust)

A notice was received from Kyran Wright that a sewage spill was detected on (11.04.2022) to be flowing into Marina da Gama waterways in the Baalen Way channel. While the output flow rate and volume was relatively minor, the spill did persist until the following morning. The spill has subsequently ceased and the blockage rectified, however there is a risk to recreational users of the Marina da Gama waterways in the direct vicinity. Please would users exercise caution when utilising the northern canals in the Marina.

Water quality sampling shall be conducted to ascertain the extent of the spill and will update ZPAAC accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please see the aerial footage below, indicating the site of the spill and area to be avoided.

(Courtesy Kyran Wright; COCT Zandvlei Nature Reserve Manager) EXCOM members requested a follow up on the Status of the New Kingfisher.


DE attended the Water Awareness Day. Upcoming events will be communicated. Planned events starting on 5th May 2022 include Art evenings to be hosted at the Eastlake Centre.


Archcom meeting was held on 7th April 2021 attended by Gordon Hart and Paul Higgins.

Two resubmissions of plans were dealt with, one approved and the other needs some verifications before acceptance. A site visit to the approved submission was done to verify that the plan correctly depicts what has been constructed. One “no objection to departure” of a previously approved plan was dealt with.

Vrygrond Housing Development – comments submitted.


Edits            – NIL

Resolved – Total 1 No

Additions – Total 9 No Detail reports submitted.



MDGA Gardeners met on Meeting 5th April 2022.

Present: Richard Midgley (MDGA), Ulf Martz (MDGA), Andie Pycroft (Cannon Island and Eastlake), Silvia Stringer (Park Island), Koemi Rowe (Uitsig), Staffa (Gardening Service).

Budgets – An annual amount of R10,000 had been allocated to be divided into the three (3) Islands.

Mulch – Richard to contact JP for delivery but only in June – must avoid Palm Cuttings.

Compost – Richard will advise ALL once he has had a chat with Peter the Mushroom Compost Guy – and ladies will contact him for deliveries to each island, scheduled for Mon 11th April 2022.

Conflict of interest – Silvia and Scott’s wholesaler – absolutely no problem – Scott confirmed that Silvia can proceed.

Richard spoke to Scott regarding Trees – given to Marina by CoCT – will update ladies PGD wall – Ulf to approach CoCT to surface (Asphalt) to section of wall between sidewalks.


Blocked sewer lines on Cannon Island Way/ Admirals Walk were report to the CoCT. Queries from broken inspection covers were received by residents

Meeting finished at: 19:15

Date of next meeting –Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 18h00